What is Levitra

Since erectile dysfunction is, unfortunately, a very widespread condition, it’s absolutely no surprise that men suffering from it have got tons of different treatments to choose from. In today’s article we will give you a brief overview of one of the most popular and effective of them – Levitra. How does it work, what is it made of and what should a person taking it be aware of at all times in order to avoid overdose and unwanted adverse reactions? The answers to all of these and many other questions are waiting in the following paragraphs, so read carefully!

What is Levitra: brief history, ingredients and mechanism of action

Levitra is an erectile dysfunction medication manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKlein. Launched in 2003, this medication is currently one of the ‘big three’ of most popular ED meds comprising itself, Viagra and Cialis. In spite of being considerably less popular than the other two meds, Levitra is still used by millions of men worldwide and favored by many thanks to its powerful effect and lower risk of side effects.

The main active ingredient in Levitra, Vardenafil, belongs to the class of PDE5 inhibitors – substances that work by stimulating blood circulation in pelvic area, thus allowing more blood to enter the penis, which makes it stiffen and become engorged, causing an erection. It’s important to remember that Levitra doesn’t cause uncontrollable erections that just appear after you take the pill. A person taking Levitra should be sexually excited or physically stimulated in order to get an erection.

A closer look at the mechanism of action of Levitra reveals that this medication doesn’t actually ‘give you erections’ but rather restores healthy sexual function. It affects the balance of special enzymes in your system allowing you to respond to sexual stimuli the natural way: when you get excited, the nerve endings in your pelvis release increased amounts of nitric oxide, which causes the soft muscles lining the blood vessels to relax, thus allowing blood to enter the body of the penis freely.

Safety information

There are a few very important rules that all people using Levitra or considering therapy with it should always be aware of. Even though Levitra is a relatively safe medication, it still can cause various unpleasant or even dangerous side effects and interact with other drugs and substances.

First of all, there are certain health conditions that may serve as contraindication to using Levitra as treatment for erectile dysfunction. This medication is never prescribed to those people, who are advised to refrain from sexual activity due to increased risk of heart problems. Additionally, you might not be allowed to take this med if you have a rare condition of the eye called retinitis pigmentosa or any serious deformations of penile body caused by injury or Peyronie’s disease.

Besides, you are not allowed to take Levitra if you are already taking nitrates – either as medicines to treat chest pain or as recreational drugs (‘poppers’). As both nitrates and Levitra are known to decrease blood pressure significantly, taking them together may lead to severe hypotension, fainting and even death.

Always consult your doctor prior to taking Levitra if you’re currently under treatment with alpha-blockers, HIV protease inhibitors, ketoconazole, itraconazole, erythromycin or clarithromycin. Moreover, we strongly suggest that you avoid taking Levitra when eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice. There are certain substances in grapefruit that may speed up the absorption of vardenafil and trigger unpleasant adverse effects. The effect of Levitra may also be compromised by large portions of alcohol. A meal rich in fat, in its turn, can slow down the absorption of Levitra, thus pushing the onset of action beyond usual 15-30 minutes.

Main Levitra alternatives

There are two main alternatives that you will most probably be looking at before starting to use Levitra. As you might have already guessed, these are Viagra and Cialis. While Cialis has a few competitive edges over Levitra (longer duration of action, fewer side effects), Viagra, in its turn, is almost identical to it. Always discuss the strong and weak sides of all of these three meds with your doctor prior to beginning your therapy – even a quick series of tests might be sufficient to figure out, which one of them is right for you.

If you are already taking Levitra and are satisfied with the way it works for you, you can always consider trying any of its numerous generic alternatives. Manufactured in countries like India, Mexico, Thailand and South Africa, other Vardenafil-based ED meds are usually identical to Levitra in terms of contents and effectiveness but cost significantly cheaper – sometimes up to 10 times cheaper than the brand-name medication.

All in all, Levitra is definitely an option that should be considered by all men in need of a reliable solution of their sexual problems. It’s safe, it’s very effective and it’s used by millions of men around the world who are happy with the results it brings… Why not try it too?

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