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Now that Levitra is currently the third most popular ED medication in the word, it’s absolutely no surprise that you can find its reviews in abundance all across the Net. But are they always that reliable or are they simply written and posted by shady peddlers trying to sell you some Levitra and using the fake reviews as one of their marketing tools? Unfortunately, quite a significant portion of users’ feedback about Levitra is fake, everybody knows that. And this is exactly why we have decided to build our own page with unbiased Levitra reviews collected from our site visitors.

Not surprisingly, positive reviews obviously prevail in what we hear from our users. However, there are also some people who didn’t like Levitra as much as they had expected to or didn’t even like it at all and their feedback is worth hearing too. That’s why we have decided to split this page into three sections – one for positive Levitra reviews, one for reviews from people who say that Levitra is so-so and one for negative reviews. We don’t post everything that we get from our readers here because in that case there would be dozens of positive ones and very few negative ones, so… Disregard the ratio of positive to negative on this page – it’s only for informational purposes here and definitely doesn’t mean that there are about as many people who don’t like Levitra as there are those who enjoy it to the max.

Okay, this is it with the short intro – now let’s move on and read some of the reviews that real Levitra users have left for us.

Positive Levitra reviews

Anonymous user, male, 47 years old

I really like what Levitra is doing for me and I like how mildly it does it. The first ED drug that I tried was Cialis and it was pure nightmare – it was making my heart beat so fast it was almost leaping out of my chest. I told my doctor about it and he recommended that I tried Levitra, which was a whole different story. There are barely any side effects (I only feel kind of stuffed most of the time) and my performance has improved dramatically. BTW, I don’t know if it’s just me or other men experience it as well – but for me, the action of Levitra stretches for much more than just 6 hours that the official info about the drug promises. After taking Levitra I can have sex multiple times during at least 24 hours. It takes some petting from my wife to get it up after the second or the third time though but it’s still pretty much like I’m young again. Thanks Levitra!

Don, male, 62 years old

Before settling for Levitra, I got to try all meds from the ‘big three’ one by one. Viagra caused headaches that were driving me crazy – you had a boner but you couldn’t do anything with it because your head hurt too bad for you to even consider lifting it off the pillow. Cialis was OK but pricey, which was why I decided to go for Levitra that has no side effects for me and is more affordable. Of course, its duration of action is inferior to that of Cialis but, being a family man, I can certainly tell in advance when I’m having sex and when I’m not so timing is not a problem. All in all, can definitely say that Levitra is great – got absolutely nothing to complain about.

Jaden, male, 33 years old

Levitra is the true magic pill that not only made me perform better in bed and boosted my confidence but also helped me save my marriage! Two years into it I started having erection problems and, of course, my wife immediately decided it was because I didn’t like her as much anymore. Now I do it just like I used to when I was 18, so… No more problems with the woman. :)

Harry, male, 67 years old

I’m probably someone who can tell more stories about ED meds than any other man as I have been on the pill for almost 17 years now after prostate surgery in 1998. I started off with Viagra and played around with Cialis for some time after its release in 2004 before finally settling for Levitra. Why this med? It’s simple – it gives results comparable to those of the other two and works without absolutely any side effects for me. Cialis and Viagra, in their turn, were definitely not the easiest drugs to tolerate with all the headache and flushing and muscle aches and so on. I had been on 10 mg Levitra for 8 years but then had to switch to the 20 mg pills because the lower-strength ones are not performing as well as they used to. Hope that the 20 mg ones will stay good enough to keep me going for at least 8 years more!

Bryan, male, 41 years old

Great little pill, a tad bit on the expensive side but totally worth it anyway. I haven’t had sex so good since I was 20!

John, male, 37 years old

It’s my fourth year on Levitra and what I really like about it is that it keeps working just as fine as it did the very first time. I’ve gotten used to whatever little side effects are there too, so got absolutely nothing to complain about, I guess. My wife is happier than ever, I’ve finally stopped thinking about my sex problems and can focus on really important things now… Life it great and a good part of it is thanks to Levitra!

Adam, male, 30 years old

I always thought I was too young for the pill but I had problems really focusing on sex because of all that stress at work and stuff. I just couldn’t put myself in the mood when I came home, which was why my girlfriend started worrying. We were already on the verge of breaking up when I finally went to the doc and got some Levitra. Well, even though their site says it’s not an aphrodisiac and it doesn’t help you to get in the mood and yadda yadda yadda, I can certify exactly the opposite. On Levitra I get hard without my GF even touching me – a little hugging and kissing and looking at her usually does the job just fine. The pill is plain awesome!

Neutral Levitra reviews

Phil, male, 52 years old

I’m pretty much satisfied with the way Levitra works for me though it’s clearly not flawless, unfortunately. It took me quite some time to adjust to it because every time I took it immediately before sex, it got me hard alright – but then the erection would just go away during the intercourse leaving me limp and dissatisfied. I was about to switch to another ED med when I discovered that popping the pill 4-5 hours before sex does the trick – it keeps me hard during the entire intercourse and sometimes is even enough for me to take the second lap. Now that I have switched to taking Levitra around dinner time and having sex around midnight, it is indeed the magic pill it is supposed to be. No side effects too, which is probably the main reason why I’m still using it and not some other med.

Mike, male, 43 years old

Though my doctor had recommended me to start off with the 10 mg pills, I didn’t like it at all because of that sinus thing that was just killing me. My nose would run so bad it was literally dripping out and it was making my asthma get worse too. I decided to take half the pill once and it worked – I still feel stuffed but now it’s manageable at least and the erections are just as strong as the first time. Needless to say, I didn’t tell my doctor about that – I’m still getting prescriptions for 10 mg pills and cutting them up in half so I get twice the fun for the same money instead of switching to low-strength pills that cost as much as the 10 mg ones for some reason.

Chad, male, 51 years old

Levitra works okay for me though finding the right dosage was a drag. Many men say that higher doses give them headaches, sinus problems and so and so on – was exactly my case too. I don’t know why the doctor advised me to start with 20 mg pills cause those were pure hell. Okay, they gave me a raging boner but what was I supposed to do to it with my nose dripping, my heart racing and my head hurting like crazy? I split the pill into two and it got much better right away – though there was still some minor stuffiness and stomach problems the next day. A little more cutting and… Bingo! 5 mg turned out to be the perfect one for me. Now I have rock-hard erections and no side effects to worry about at all. Thus, if you’re one of those grumblers who say they just can’t put up with Levitra side effects, try doing what I did – it’s more than just likely to help.

Negative Levitra reviews

Julius, male, 52 years old

Totally dissatisfied with the results. Got a ‘half-mast’ the first two times and absolutely zero effect the third time. Looks like my body didn’t react to it the way it was supposed to straight from the start and now it’s totally growing used to it and not reacting at all.

Keith, male, 40 years old

Total failure if compared to other drugs like Viagra or Cialis. Okay, it gave me an erection solid enough for sex but how about the second time after a quick break? Forget about it! Levitra has enough charge for one intercourse only and you better grab your blankie and go nap-nap after that. With Viagra and Cialis, however, I totally rule in bed doing it over and over again all night long. Thought it would be the same with Levitra but all it gave me was a measly single quickie. Oh, and the way I felt in the morning was really bad too – I had upset stomach and nausea, which were definitely caused by me taking Levitra along with a couple of drinks. I know that ED meds don’t always work that well with alcohol but, being quite a drinker, I never have Viagra or Cialis making me feel so bad the morning after. Anyways, the point is: I’m never taking Levitra again, that’s for sure.

Tim, male, 38 years old

Started off with 10 mg pills, didn’t work at all. Tried going up to 20 mg ones, barely any effect again (erection very limp, can’t get it stiffer even with manual stimulation). Is it just me or does Levitra really suck so bad as opposed to similar meds?

So, these are just a few of the hundreds of reviews we got from our readers. If you have used Levitra and have got something to tell about your experience with this med, please, don’t hesitate to send a few words describing how you liked it to us. Please, state your age and gender for us to be able to file your feedback respectively. Note that positive reviews are less likely to be posted on this page as we have already got plenty of these. However, don’t hesitate to send in positive feedback too – we’re currently doing a research on the overall level of satisfaction among Levitra users and this information will be incredibly important to us. Thanks a lot!

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